Rent Machine Guns in Jackson Hole Wyoming

Are you ready to shoot machine guns?    

Coming soon, a 28,000 square foot indoor firing range in Jackson Hole where you can shoot a magazine through one or more of our machine guns!

Cheap Prices!  Only $79 for a magazine per person are expected rates!

Yellowstone Jackson Hole Machine Guns

When we are finished with building we will have rental firing lanes in Jackson Wyoming for Chinese tourists and locals.


Wyoming Concealed? Shysters or Quality?

Read an excellent article HERE.  See below for a sample:

For many year’s Wyoming’s gun trainers have shared an unspoken bond to offer what they individually believe is good quality instruction.  Carpet-Baggers are hurting the reputation of the shooting instruction industry in Wyoming.

'Wyoming Concealed" Shysters

‘Wyoming Concealed” Shysters