ILESEA Members 2014

International Luxury Entertainment Shooting Experience Association’s 2014 5-Star Members

Lars Magnusson

LeGette McIntyre

Scott Austin

Clint Smith

Shepard Humphries

William Ward

Andy Massimilian

Terry Vaughan

Kim Rhode

Lynn Sherwood

Buddy Meyers

Gloria Courser

Colt Sherman


About Luxury Recreational Shooting

“There is absolutely no substitute for the best.” Tens of thousands of inferior shooting instruction concerns litter the international landscape.  

Members of ILESEA are bonafide experts.

Rent Machine Guns in Jackson Hole Wyoming

Are you ready to shoot machine guns?  Jackson Hole Shooting Experience is!  

At the conclusion of your shooting experience package with JH Shooting Experience, enjoy shooting a magazine or more through one or more of our fully automatic machine guns!

Why don’t we offer cheap machine gun rentals?  Why do we instead choose quality?

Full Auto Machine Gun Rental Jackson Hole Wyoming

Full Auto Machine Gun Rental Jackson Hole Wyoming

Ready for a fun activity in Jackson Hole?  We do more than rent machine guns, we first begin with a fun shooting session with rifles and pistols.  This activity is often rated as the most fun thing to do in Jackson Hole!

Shooting guns is an exciting and wonderful opportunity, do not settle for an indoor range that does not offer you the complete Multi-Gun Rifle & Pistol Experience package with world class instruction.

Machine Guns in Jackson Hole Wyoming

Would you like to shoot a machine gun in Jackson Hole?

Most machine gun rental facilities force you to wait in a long line, sometimes for over an hour, pay over-priced costs for ammunition, which you shoot through a fully automatic gun in just a second or 3.  You are then asked to buy more over-priced ammunition or to leave the premises after buying a pink camouflage T-Shirt with the attitude of, “Give us your money – then leave & hurry please!”

As pioneers in the luxury entertainment shooting industry, we have chosen instead to offer a high-quality service that is NOT designed to herd customers like cattle into a pen, skimming as much money as possible through “additional costs” etc.  We want you to enjoy shooting guns and actually learn something about this fantastic sport in a relaxed, fun and safe atmosphere.

Now that we offer fully automatic sporting guns, we promise to do so in a manner consistent with our sister company’s stellar reputation as the global leader in providing ultimate luxury entertainment shooting experiences as well as our reputation as the top Rocky Mountain Tactical Training provider.

Shooting our fully automatic machine guns is not cheap.  Our Machine-Gun Man travels over 5 hours each way to provide your private experience using ammunition that is at its highest price in history.  If our prices seem too high for a rental, we will understand if you prefer investing in a many-month expensive application process with the Federal Government and buying your own gun.  😉

This gun is an average priced machine gun

Looking for a less expensive option?  April 2014 update!  We have added two machine guns to our personal arsenal, an AR-15 with suppressor and an MP-5 with suppressor!  Click HERE for more information!

Looking for more Fun Things To Do In Jackson Hole?  Check out the Hole

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